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Hey everyone I'm amy kapetanios and was recently in the hospital over a surgery that I had to remove one of my heart valves. Well upon getting released from the hospital I was given a bunch of medication. Well all but 1 of my prescriptions were covered by my insurance, they said that the doctor was not covered in my plan. Which leaves me to come up with the funds to get it. It is medication to thin my blood and help with my blood pressure. It has been sitting at the Walgreens a few blocks away from my house going on 4 days now. The pharmacist told me that the medication would be put back on the shelf after 7 days. So I am begging anyone to help me with the cost of my prescription before I end up back in the hospital. I have not been feeling well today due to not having my meds. Please if anyone could help, it would be GREATLY appreciated. And I promise to pay it forward one day. Thank you again for your time at least reading this and God bless.

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Amy Kapetanios

Louisville, KY, USA