About this fundraiser

Christmas Day 2023 our nephew was in a head on collision due to weather/riad conditions  while on his way to pick up his younger sister.  He has been in  Icu since arrival at hospital. 

 Mikey sustained 2 broken ankles, broken ribs, and a back hernia.  He has already had 2 surges and even though he is still not awake he has made positiv   progress  in recovery  so far.

I started this fundraiser to help with the families medical bills, Mikey has a very very long ways to go and then  once released from hospital he will be admitted to a physical rehabilitation facility. His family needs to focus on him and not worry stress over money as well while doing their best to stay positive for happier and hopefully quicker recovery.

Every little bit helps. Please donate and share the link.  Even just  sharing helps…thank you for taking time to read. To share. And for any /all donations.

Organized by

Kimberly Cotton

Cincinnati, OH, USA