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  • New surgery

    My breast surgery is June 6th at 9 am.. Garry is wanting to go into hospice this weekend. He is not getting better. I will be laid up for a few days from the surgery. I am not having the original surgery I chose instead the Dr. is removing my tumor from my breast and then checking all around it for cancer. If there is more than the rest of my breast has to go. I will have radiation afterward Mon.- Fri. for a month. We need prayer and any help you can give.

    New surgery

About this fundraiser

Hello people, I am in need of help because my husband is dying from cancer. We just found out 3 weeks ago. He is stage 4 lung cancer that has metestisized into his bones. He is doing treatment, Radiation and then Chemo. He has tumors through his body and they are breaking his bones. We need help with medical and medicines. Living expenses also will be an issue. Praying for healing but it does not look promising. God could perform a miracle, but if not I will need funeral funds also. I pray the Lords will to be done in this so please join me in that prayer. Healing and the Lords will to be done. 

My husband is a hard working man. We have a small painting company, just me and him mostly. He is not doing well enough to keep it up. He is a journey man painter and I am his helper/painter. We need some help with living expenses until this is over. Either the Lord will call him home or he will live through this but right now we need help. 

Also I am having my right breast removed in a 3-4 weeks and will not be able to paint for 2-3 weeks. We are so blessed we both are having cancer at the same time.

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Maria Connelly

Wentzville, MO, USA