About this fundraiser

Marita Vedar is a 53-year-old mother of two, and a loving grandmother to three boys. She raised her children as a single mother by providing nail and laundry services for over 20 years. She also sells food in the neighborhood to provide for her family. She is a very strong woman that will do everything for her family to survive. Marita is battling a health condition that affects her daily living. She was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver, an enlarged spleen, ascites, and gallbladder stones. Because Marita lives in the Philippines, she doesn't have access to insurance. She needs this lifesaving surgery to fully heal. Even through everything, Marita still maintains her faith and finds joy in caring for her 85-year-old mother, Nana Ida. Marita is a fighter who wants to live so that she can continue to provide for and support her family!

Organized by

Rene Joseph

Buckeye, AZ, USA