About this fundraiser

I've never done this before but I'm hoping I will get more compassion and empathy than hate and judgement. Where do I start? Life's been hard since I could remember. And I guess growing up and seeing what I thought was love was completely wrong. It was the total opposite. It wasn't until I grew up and had children of my own to know that there was no way a person could hurts me so bad, abuse me, and make me feel lower than dirt, and I believe they love me. I finally got away from what was keeping me down and holding me back. But now it's like a strange foreign land. I'm in a new state and city. By the grace of God. With just me and my kids. I don't want to give a whole story because let's face it everyone has a story. I just want to be real. So if it's in your hearts, I'm just asking for some help and support to get us back into the swing of how life should be. My daughter's have seen enough pain and it's time for joy! Just need a little help to get us back on our feet. If possible give what you can, and nothing that you can't. I just need help getting my girls clothes and shoes, a place a few beds and maybe a toy here or there. We left everything when I got us out of that situation except the clothes on our backs and some bus tickets. Anything would greatly appreciated and I'm sure by you giving out the kindness of your hearts will come back 10x fold. I'm greatful if they are just able to have fresh clothes and a pair of shoes with no holes in them. I'll update as we walk this journey together. And continue to pay it forward. God bless

Organized by

Tatyana Blockton

Spokane, WA, USA