About this fundraiser

I'm trying to raise money to help my nephew has worked so hard for two years to change his life.  He has been overweight since he was a child.  At 36, he made the decision to lose weight. He has worked and lost about 400 pounds without surgery, fad diets or meds.  He has walked, worked at a gym and ate a clean diet.  His story is on his Facebook page along with pictures of progress.  I live on the same street and see him walking down the road, rain or shine.  Now he has 30 or 40 pounds of extra skin to get rid of and it will require about 3 surgeries and several months convalescing.  I feel this would be a wonderful thing to do for him.  He encourages other obese people to take their lives back and offers them help and encouragement.  He has always worked but jobs were limited due to his handicap.  He wishes he didn't have to ask for help, or show his body without a shirt, but he has to put pride aside and do what is necessary. Thank you so much and God bless you all.

His face book is https://www.facebook.com/cole.prochaska

Organized by

Marsha Clark

St Matthews, SC, USA