About this fundraiser

Ifeom Christin was born with a hole in his heart in April 2019.

She was diagnosed with Tetralogy of Fallot at the age of 6 months, however, due to financial difficulties, she couldn't get the recommended life-saving surgery. She was placed on heart pills and activity modification to help with her symptoms. 

Now, though, Ifeoma's symptom and cyanotic spells have become worse and more frequent. She has taken a break from school an all social activities as she cannot tolerate mild physical activity. She needs to have surgery.

The treatment is very expensive – more than $15,000 for the assessment, surgery and recovery care. Then there are flights to India (for the surgery), to and from eastern Nigeria, where the family lives, to Lagos to apply for visas for Ifeoma and her mother Chiamaka, who will be travelling with her; and other logistical and travel costs.

The sooner we can get Ifeoma the $20,000 we are trying to raise, the ssooner she can get the surgery she so desperately needs and the sooner she can return home to the love of her parents, Paulo and Chiamaka, and her siblings.

We are organising this fundraiser to give Ifeoma a fighting chance. Anything you can spare, no matter how small, would be gratefully received.

Thank you,
Ada, Odi and Zina.

Organized by

Adamma Muodeme

Galesburg, IL, USA