Latest update as of May 26, 2024

  • Prayers for Pam

    It’s been a few weeks since our last update. So, on Friday May 24th, Pam had final clearance appointments lined up in Baltimore. On Thursday Meg and Mel contacted her transplant doctor to let him know how she had been feeling and what was going on with increased pain, etc. He shifted many things around so he could see her directly in his office and planned to admit her. When they arrived, it was with the warmest and kind hearted welcome to get her into a more comfortable space and start more specific testing to see what the next steps needed to be. Pam has been put on pain relief measures to keep her comfortable so she can rest, and she started radiation on her spleen to bring down the swelling in abdomen, and she will undergo immunotherapy on Monday or Tuesday to best prepare her for the chemotherapy and future transplant. There are many things in between that we could go on and on about but the most important piece is that she is in excellent hands and fighting everyday to beat this. We ask for prayers for her daily improvement, that she stays strong in this battle, that Meghan and Melissa who have not left her side stay rested and strong during this time, and prayers for the doctors and nurses who continually work side by side to make her better. We know that God loves us more than anyone else could ever love so we know He has His hand on all of us and will get us through this to the other side. Thank you for all your prayers, we feel them!♥️

About this fundraiser

Our mom, Pam, is a private person. Many people may not even be aware she has been battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia since late 2006. Unfortunately, fighting this type of leukemia for so long eventually means you‘ve run out of treatments and chemotherapies that this type of blood cancer responds to. Our mom is at that point. There is nothing left to help her except a bone marrow transplant. 

Of course, cancer treatment does not come cheaply. Certain therapies aren’t coveted, and many times, treatment is not right up the street, either. This is the case our family is facing. The bone marrow transplant must take place at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, and Mom plus a Caregiver (one of us daughters) must stay in Baltimore for the 100 days immediately following the transplant and her 30 days inpatient (minimum.). Because her immunity will be at nearly zero, she has to stay very near her doctors to be under their close care while she recovers after she receives the new bone marrow. 

This process and the stay will come at a significant cost, even though we plan to live/stay in Baltimore for those 100 days as modestly as we possibly can. Maintaining a second household away from home, even temporarily, seems daunting and almost impossible, but we know we have to make this happen for Mom. She is the type of woman who would sacrifice anything to make it happen for someone else. 

If you knew any of us (Pam’s kids) as children or teens, chances are you spent time in our home and got to know Mom. She was every kid’s “other Mom“ growing up, and no kid was turned away. You were fed, loved, counseled… and mostly, you were free to just breathe and lay down your worries at Pam’s house. Well, now is the time you can give back. 

If you feel so inclined, please make a donation to this fundraiser and help us pull off this life saving transplant for our Mom. No gift is too small, and we pray that every person who gives is blessed back ten fold. 

Thank you! 

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