About this fundraiser

A message from Edna:

Hello everyone!

My name is Edna and as you can see, I am fighting the most unexpected battle of my life, pancreatic cancer. Every treatment requires a copay, and the bills have been mounting. My family has been strained with travel costs associated with caring for me. I will always be grateful for your love, prayers, and support. Our gratitude is beyond measure. Thank you!

Edna’s story…

Leading a healthy lifestyle, at a young age, Edna unexpectedly had a massive heart attack requiring a Triple Bypass. She was healed by the mercy of the Most High, God, and from that infirmity recovered. 

She took a journey through life on her own terms. Everything she told herself she wanted to be, she educated herself and became that; from psychology education, finances, life coaching, notary, and still continues to learn, but now it’s about pancreatic cancer. 

I appreciate and encourage you to share her story and the link to her funding campaign. It's important to spread the word and support individuals like Edna who are fighting against serious illnesses. I hope through the collective efforts of everyone, Edna receives the support and resources she needs to continue this battle.

Organized by

Edna Crawford

Tucson, AZ, USA