About this fundraiser

My name is Piterson Jean Charles ,together with my sister Derlouna Jean Charles  created this fundraising for Derby Louis because he is in a bad situation .

He had an accident 3 or 4 years ago , taking away his ability to walk.

He’s living in a bad environment as you can see in the video ,plus his diabetic wounds wont heal .

We are  trying to help as much as possible, however we don’t have enough due to family responsibility. 

With the help, we will make sure he spends a month or two in a hospital ,pay someone to clean him(he cant clean himself) , we cant buy him a house but we believe a bit of cleaning,painting, would be nice in the room(The smell is bad).

*** If you have other advice , give us a call or email.

[email protected]


****If you have jobs for the support, this would work.

I (Piterson ) have a degree in Electrical and Computer Science and can help with business development. Speak 4 languages: English ,French ,Mandarin ,Creole.

If you want to see him , whatsapp would be best.

Organized by

Piterson Jean Charles

New Haven, CT, USA