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(NO THIS IS NOT COSMETIC SURGERY) Hi! My name is Yesenia and I was diagnosed with Mandibular Prognathism, Mandibular Asymmetry and Maxilla Canted. This will be my second time getting surgery done. The first time I had surgery I was 17 years old my bones were not fully developed, and the surgeon did not fix the main problem which was my joint growth, therefore, my right side joint kept growing and it made my face shift sideways(to the left) affecting my hearing, causing difficulty eating and shattering my self-esteem. I went to multiple surgeons to consult my case and was referred to one that specializes in these cases. The doctor sent me to get some tests done and noticed that I don't have any signs of previous surgery. I had, no plates, no screws, no nothing! I went through a lot of pain and lost about 20 lbs (I went from 98 lbs to 70 lbs the first time) and now I have to do it again for the second time and hopefully the last time. I am mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming changes but unfortunately, with this recession going on, I am not financially prepared. They take one type of insurance (I applied and got approved) but the insurance won't cover the surgery it can only cover part of the hospital fee and I don't know how much that will be out of my pockets. I could hold it off for longer but according to the Surgeon, the longer we wait the more difficult and more expensive it gets. It is already a long day of surgery because they have to do different procedures to adjust my mandible and chin back into place. The estimated cost for surgery is around $30k including braces, Surgery will be August 16th, 2023 and I would really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart if I get some help with this.

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Yesenia Marte

Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA