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    Five months ago, our lives changed when Reef was diagnosed with leukemia. He has bravely faced two hospitals, many procedures and just completed his fourth round of intensive chemotherapy treatments. We are hopeful due to positive test results, but our journey continues.

    Our home required mold remediation due to Reef's port, which in turn lead to necessary repairs adding to our stress. Zack and Rainah commute daily, while Jess has taken leave of work to care for Reef. Balancing his care with maintaining normalcy for Rainah has been physically, emotionally, and financially challenging.

    Your support has been our strength. We are deeply grateful for the love, prayers, and assistance we've received. As we continue this journey, we hold onto hope for brighter days ahead.

    THANK YOU for being part of our support network. Every donation brings us closer to giving Reef the healthy, happy life he deserves.

    With gratitude,
    Reef and his family #ReefsRhoadToRecovery

    Round 4 complete

About this fundraiser

Supporting Reef Rhoads Imes: A Little Warrior's Journey Against Leukemia Cancer


Meet Reef Rhoads Imes, born on September 3, 2021, in the beautiful town of Satellite Beach, Florida. Reef is not just any little boy; he's an embodiment of joy and resilience, with a heartwarming smile and adorable dimples that have the magical power to melt the hearts of everyone he encounters.

Family Life:

Reef's world revolves around his loving family—his Mommy, Daddy, and his cherished sister Rainah, who is six years old. Reef's adoration for Rainah knows no bounds, and he often emulates her every move. Together, they make memories filled with laughter and love.

Favorite Activities:

Reef's days are filled with outdoor adventures, roughhousing with his Dad, and riding his balance bike alongside his beloved Stella. He's a playmate for his loyal companion, Stella, their faithful dog who is always up for a game of fetch. But perhaps Reef's most cherished moments are those spent snuggled up with Mommy, finding comfort and warmth in her arms.


Life's Delights:

Reef has a discerning palate for such a young soul. He delights in eating smoothie pouches and acai bowls, savoring bananas, blueberries, strawberries, and anything that features the irresistible taste of cheese. He may not have much screen time, but when he does, it's all about his favorite show, Bluey.


A Sudden Challenge:

On January 24th, a Wednesday night, Jessica & Zachery Imes, Reef's loving parents, noticed a bump on the side of his head. Alarmed by this unexpected development, they wasted no time and rushed to the emergency room. Doctors there suspected a mass or tumor located behind Reef's eye socket. The final diagnosis hinges on the results of rigorous testing, which will confirm the specific type of leukemia and guide the doctors in determining the appropriate treatment plan. Once the results are in, treatment will commence promptly, likely within a week. We will update you on this page with further information and address any questions.

Facing the Unknown:

To get the best possible care for Reef, they were swiftly transferred from Orlando Medical Center to Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami for further examination and treatment. This courageous little warrior and his family are now navigating a challenging and uncertain journey filled with medical treatments, hospital stays, and emotional trials. At this time, they are back at Advent Health in Orlando, awaiting a final diagnosis for treating the type and stage of Leukemia.

Our Call to Action:

As Reef faces this formidable challenge, let us unite as a community to provide his family with support and assistance. Your generosity can help ease the financial burdens associated with medical bills, transportation, and daily expenses, allowing Reef's family to focus on his recovery.


How You Can Make a Difference:

Contribute to our fundraising campaign to support Reef's journey.

  • Regardless of its size, every contribution will assist the family as they navigate the ongoing challenges of caring for Reef during his extended hospital stays. Jessica, Reef's mother, faces an extended period away from work as an independent contractor hairdresser. This poses a significant challenge in managing household expenses and caring for their first child, Rainah.
  • You may send a card, balloons, and room decorations (no toys or flowers at this time) to the hospital address: Advent Health, 601 E. Rollins Street, Orlando, FL 32803 (Room available upon request)
  • Share Reef's inspiring story on social media to raise awareness.
  • Amazon Wish List: Still in progress (Link: AMAZON REEF WISH LIST )
  • We will update you on a Meal Train where loved ones can volunteer or send gift cards for food delivery or grocery services.
  • Keep Reef and his family in your thoughts and prayers.


Reef Rhoads Imes is a remarkable little boy whose infectious spirit and warm smile have touched our hearts. Let us stand alongside him and his family during this challenging time, showing them they are not alone. Together, we can help write a story of courage, hope, and the unwavering strength of a community that cares deeply for one of its own. Join us in supporting Reef's fight against cancer and ensuring that his journey is one of resilience, love, and triumph over adversity.

Organized by

Karina Brown

Satellite Beach, FL, USA

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