About this fundraiser

Recently I lost my job, and I just need some help taking care of the outside kitties until I can get back on my feet. I have been taking care of the 3 neighborhood siblings, there used to be more family members that have “mysterously” disappared. An older sibling has  recetly gave birth too, and I'm not sure if the mama and babies have all lived through the crazy up and down weather that we have had recently. The neighbors also set out some dry food, and water but these 3 like to come and socialize with my house kitties, so along with dry food, I set out some wet food for them in the morning and evening. I would like to trap them and get them spayed and neutered so they cycle of poor unwanted kitties can be stopped. I personally would keep them all, but obviously money is an issue even for just 1 per but numerous poses such a burden on an already stressful situation. I know people view these cats as an annoyance or pests, but they didn't ask for humans to get them, just to be thrown out :( it's truly not their fault! 

It doesn't cost anything to be kind no, but unfortunately, it does cost to feed us all- human and animal alike!

Thank you!

Organized by

Elissa McCabe

Dayton, OH, USA