About this fundraiser

I am a single disabled mom needing some help.

I have chiari malformation and it causes spinal fluid blockage, intense pain, blackouts, falls, I'm losing feeling at times in my hands and legs, issues with swallowing and choking, memory issues, and I could go on.

I am raising money to help us get into an apartment blso I can get it set up before surgery. I can afford the monthly rent, it's just the deposit and moving costs are a lot. I've been doing the live in nanny thing for several years but it's now time to retire from that completely, which is sad in itself. 

Other funds will be used for groceries, gas money, help with childcare, medical things not covered by insurance, and possibly even furniture for our new home.

I am completely devastated that I'm again facing this same surgery but there is no cure for chiari, only symptom management.

Any help will be very much appreciated and also prayers pretty please! I'll keep this updated for everyone.

Organized by

Tara Wilson

Salem, OR, USA