About this fundraiser

By day one way, by smile another. Im a mom of 4 children. 3 I homeschool due to their special needs. However, my story begins when in childhood. Homelessness, abuse, and neglect took its toll on my body’s growth. At 11 my sisters and I were taken away by my father and stepmother. I started working 12, and paid my own medical or dental care. I joined the military at the age of 18 praying for a bright future. I fixed my entire oral and physical health. FFWD → 2011 after the birth of my last son, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Took care of that! FFWD → 2012 my back and bones had hereditary & irreparable damages. Surgeries, steroids, and pain medication did their part. The following years gallbladder, tube and ovary issue, COVID pneumonia, depression, sepsis via household mold exposure, and more. Today, I have barely enough teeth to eat. I live on peanut butter and use mouth wash to keep inflammation/infections down. any disturbance to my gums or rotted teeth, will cause an overnight abscess of horrific pain. Needless to say over the last eight years repaired teeth had broken off bit by bit leaving me with out a smile, self conscious, and in pain. My children are special needs and require everything we have and more to take care of them. There’s nothing left but bills and sadness. Im blessed with my Mothers beauty but cannot smile or talk freely bc my mouth is a horrifying decaying hole of death!  With the space give, I hope someone(s) can empathize with my soul and understand without judgement and be in a financial position to help me smile again. :’(

With prays & a humble heart I ask for your $ support. 



Organized by

Tonya Turner

San Antonio, TX, USA