About this fundraiser

Tom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cell Carcinoma in 2020.  He has since had his kidney removed and started immunotherapy and chemotherap.  In February of 2023, his cancer spread to his brain.  He has had 4 brain surgeries since March of 2023, to remove 3 brain tumors and one to clean out an infectio.n.  We moved to Texas in December to be closer to our daughter and his family in Arkansa.  As soon as we got here he was hospitalized with a severe lung infection.  Since December of 2023, he has had to have his lungs drained of fluid twice and had yet another surgery this time for his lungs.  When we moved he lost his Medicaid and his private insurance. He is going to start immunotherapy again in Februar, but in the mean time his medical bills and prescription costs are eating us alive.  Please consider donating to this brave man who has had to endure so much pain in this past year .  Prayers are always appreciate.  Thank you in advanc.

Organized by

Shaney Snodgrass

Mineola, TX, USA