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UPDATE: Miranda qualified for some funding through the facility in the amount of $6500 so the amount being raised is lowered to $9500. She should be able to enroll soon. All assistance is appreciated. 

Mandy(Miranda) became a foster child at 8 and came from a very abusive dysfunctional family. DCFS didn’t help by not placing her for 5 years in a permanent placement. She has 2 amazing boys that need to have their mom fully present. Her mom has taken on a lot of the financial needs of the kids as well as her daughter. She has given all she can to support her daughter, mother and the boys. Miranda is currently in treatment that has helped but is not addressing the trauma In detail To heal. There is an amazing facility in Nashville the deals with trauma, PTSD , attachment disorders and other mental health issues. It is also a women only placement. It’s taken some time but she wants to move forward from the past. She wants to go so she can be a better mom for her boys and break the cycle of how she was raised. Insurance will pay for half but she needs to pay $16,000 up front to get a bed at the facility. Most residential placements are about the same cost and unfortunately there is very little assistance in Illinois for past DCFS kids or mental health assistance in general.  This is a great first step in being able to have solid relationships and be a good parent that she did not learn as a child And has struggled to accept since adopted. 

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