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Hello, my name is Josephine Phillips and I am an 49 year old mother of 3 beautiful children. On May 4, 1999 a near death stroke imprisoned me to a life in this wheelchair. I had my 25th birthday af waking from a coma. My baby was 9 days old. I’m left without able to walk and eventual need of surgery to relieve labor pain type  Spasticity. God is good! 

On a whim in 2019, I  moved to Battle Creek, Michigan for a change  of scenery for my kids, grandkids with their mother, and I;  not knowing what blessings were to bestow us. It was at Grace Health I was prescribed PT for my left side(arm and leg); and guess what they used for treatment? BoOTOX(3 shots)! That’s the treatment they’re using for old stroke patients. It worked miracles for me! By the time I left, I was walking from the back of the hospital to the front lobby  using my handy dandy therapist spotting me and hemiwalker!😊 Everyone was so happy for me ESPECIALLY me and walking felt good! I had a little limp but that’s okuntil I moved back home to Texas thinking everything is bigger and better. I’ve called everywhere and my only options are to move back & pay for the shots($500/shot=1500/treatment)) out of pocket myself . 

I would really appreciate your help in assisting me  back to walkIng on my own again. Botox is ongoing and I have to re learn to walk and get special made shoes because of drop foot.

Another reason for my dream is my grand babies. I have a brand new one from my baby boy due Lord willing in 6 months. I also have a generation of 5 by my oldest lad!😊 We all know that life is short and they don’t stay babies long. My hearts desire is to be able to be faithful in being the Greatest Granny I Know I am.

Thank you all so very kindly. Stay blessed!♥️

Josephine Phillips 


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Josephine Phillips

Beaumont, TX, USA