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Hello Everyone.. I am Cynthia a daughter of Cesar.. My father lives in the Philippines together with my other families…My father is a strong,jolly and very responsible head of the family. Last Couple of months he always suffered this pain, shortness of breath, like he said its gonna be the end of his life. Lately we found out that he has a blockage in his arteries thats causing him sleepless nights. And that the doctor suggested for an andiogram and a stent  procedure. If not, it can cause heart attack or cardiac arrest at anytime.


I am knocking in your benevolent heart for my father's medical expenses and most especially the procedure so he can have a normal life, normal breathing, no more sleepless nights and bring back his healthy body. All i want for him is to have long and healthy life so that he can see his  filipino american grandkids and to have more years of living with his love ones. We only visited Philippines once after 4 years  and he was so happy to see his grandkids from his favorite youngest daughter..☺️😊


I am very grateful and thankful for all your help and donations  to make my father stay with Us for so many more years. Thank You so much.. I will always be grateful.. 



Organized by

Cynthia Mcginley

Largo, FL, USA