About this fundraiser

I'v  never asked for help like this, so forgive me if this isnt perfect. This is for my son, Luke.  We adopted Luke at birth after having two biological children.  He was our world. Our happy baby who we loved beyond words. He has suffered from depression and anxiety since middle school.  He became so anxious  about life, and it has just grown, consuming his self esteem to the point he is frozen.  He has a loving home, family who loves him, but what we've learned, is that love is not enough to save someone.  He is watching all his friends graduate college now, which im sure has made his sympyoms worse.  He is in desperate need to attend Austin Riggs, a facility in Texas that his psychiatrist feels is absolutely necessary to treat his drug resistant depression/anxiety and severe failure to launch. The problem is that the cost of this impatient treatment program is $75,000-$80,000.  Thats an enormous amount of money.  The average person is unable to afford that.   They also require $50,000 upfront.  This was so defeating. I will do anything to help this young man, so here I am.  These funds would be directly used for the cost to attend Austin Riggs and his mental health support and life line. This support would mean more than you could imagine.  When you've watched your child suffer for years, and you cannot fix it, and someone tells you this is what he needs to survive this, you become desperate. As well as not too proud to ask for help.  We need this so badly.  There, he will receive multiple daily therapy sessions, medications, support and hopefully a new lease on life.  He is so gifted in so many ways, but he has lost hope that he can be fixed.  This is needed as soon as possible so we can send Luke to get the help he needs.  If this weren't so imperative, I would have never made this plea.  Please help us, help our son.  Or say a prayer for us that we somehow find a way.  Thank you either way.

Luke's mom.

Organized by

Luke Pulis

Canton, MI, USA