About this fundraiser

even considering the bills that will come from all of the surgeries, other hospital stays, and the babies’ very long NICU stay.

I want to try and relieve some of the pressure for my beautiful cousin and her husband. I want her and her husband to be able to see their babies every day in the NICU. I want Ashley to be able to enjoy her babies when they come home. But that’s hard when all you have to worry about is money. As godmother & Auntie to beautiful Madison and Landon, it’s my job to look after them and that includes Ashley and Matt. They went through hell getting to this point just so they could have a family.

So I am asking for help so they can at least try and enjoy their time with the twins. With gas prices sky rocketing as well as oil and food, everything adds up quickly. The bills don’t stop when something happens in life. So I want to help them as much as possible.

Please consider donating, even if its just $2. Anything will help at this point. If you read up until this point, I thank you. And if you can not donate, please share everywhere you can. My godbabies are fighting for their lives and Ashley & Matt need to be by their sides while they do so!

Organized by

Temitrik Bennett

Hazleton, PA, USA