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Hello, I am Benjis Mom, Sarah and I’m creating this account because benjis journey is going to be a lifelong medical story. Benjamin was born with bilateral cleft complete lips and cleft palate. From the beginning, Benjamin had to be on oxygen, and then went through several weeks of the Nicu to then come home on the NG tube. The cost of the NG tube and the supplies, it’s almost 7200 for the year. I made this fundraiser in hopes of help for our family, because the cost of pump and supplies, plus all the trips in Boston, and the time that I’ll be out of work with him during his surgeries in the next coming weeks will put a large strain on us financially. Benji is such an easy and sweet baby. I’m hope to put whatever else is left donated towards a college fund. He deserves the world and all it has to offer. Thanks for anything you can do to support my benji and our family

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Sarah Conrad

Mansfield, MA, USA