About this fundraiser

Two years ago, my heart ached after losing my first Catahoula unexpectedly. Then, along came Bluebell, a sweet Catahoula mix rescue brimming with love and joy. She filled the void in my heart and became my sunshine.

But recently, our sunny days were clouded by a heartbreaking diagnosis - mammary gland cancer. Luckily, it hasn't spread, but surgery is crucial to remove it. The vet estimates the cost at $3,000, a mountain I can't climb alone.

The thought of losing Bluebell because of finances is unbearable. She's more than a pet; she's family. That's why I'm reaching out, hoping for a miracle.

Every contribution, big or small, will bring Bluebell and me one step closer to a healthy future together. Please donate and help Bluebell keep wagging her tail!

Organized by

Jodi Elliott

Charleston, SC, USA