About this fundraiser

Hi, My name is Brittany and I'm reaching out to you today on behalf of my beloved companion, Blu. She is a loyal and cherished member of our family, bringing us joy and unconditional love every day. Recently, Blu has been diagnosed with a torn ligament that requires immediate surgical intervention to alleviate pain and ensure a full recovery.
As a devoted pet parent, I am committed to providing the best possible care for her. However, the cost of the necessary surgery and post-operative care is substantial and beyond my current financial means. I am humbly seeking your support to help cover the expenses associated with Blu's treatment.
The estimated cost of the torn ligament surgery, including pre-operative consultations, the surgical procedure itself, medications, and follow-up appointments, is $3,500. Your generous contributions will not only help alleviate Blu's suffering but also enable her to regain mobility and enjoy a happy, pain-free life once again.
Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference in Blu's journey to recovery. Your support and kindness during this challenging time mean the world to me and Blu. Thanks to you, we can give her the gift of healing and a second chance at a healthy and active life.
Thank you for considering our plea and for your compassion towards animals in need. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on Blu's well-being, and we are forever grateful for your kindness.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Brittany & Blu

Organized by

stacy Decker

Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA