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Hi, my name is kimleang sok and i’m creating this gofundme for Eung Sok Hoa (my dad). I am reaching out to you with a heavy heart.  On Nov 14th, while i was at work, i received a phone call, informing me that my dad is in the emergency room. Luckily i was off on 11/15 and 11/16 to try to process this devastating news. This also gives me time off to visit my dad in the hospital. He was supposed to get discharged from the hospital on 11/16. But with this discovery, my world started to crumble apart when i saw the picture that was taken when he had to get a camera inserted down his throat.


Approximately 8pm after getting home from visiting my dad in the hospital, i was cooking dinner. Thats when i received a phone call from the surgeon, stating that he has a tumor possibly an cancerous cell in his stomach that is blocking his intestines. Preventing him from eating without vomiting. A biopsies of the cells growth was taken to test the severity and the stage he’s at to determine his treatment plan. We are still currently waiting for the results to come in.


According to the surgeon as he tried to explained to me, before we can start his chemotherapy. My dad will have to undergo surgery to get a feeding tube inserted; connecting it to his small intestines . This procedure is the first step required to insure that he’s getting the proper nutrition he will need to regain his strength for the chemotherapy that will be needed to prevent it from spread to other parts of his organs.


11/20 at approximately 12:14 i received a call to confirm that he does have cancer. The doctor stated that its to big to be stage 1. So most likely stage 2, because the cancer hasn’t spread to his lymph nodes yet.


My dad is a resilient individual who has always approached life with positivity and grace. However, battling cancer is an immense challenge that comes with emotional and financial burdens. The medical expenses, coupled with the day-to-day costs of living, will placed an unexpected and overwhelming strain on his finances.


It is in times like these that the strength of a community truly shines. We believe in the power of collective support and are reaching out to you, our friends, family, and community, to join us in this fight against cancer. Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a meaningful impact on Eung Sok Hoa.



This never crossed my mind nor thought i’d would have to go through all of this all over again. This brought back memories of Meng Chou, my mother. She was also diagnosed with cancer back in 2006. At the time i was in 5th grade and did not know any better. The first time i’ve dealt with this news, Telling myself she will get better with how advanced our medical technologies had evolved over the years. Throughout this whole process, my mom was still currently working 2 jobs. Working at an asian grocery store in white center during the day. Than in the evening time she would go clean office buildings in downtown seattle as a janitor. All this while still trying to recover from surgery, marrow bones removal in order to preserved the healthy bone marrow so it could be added back into her body after her chemotherapy. While going through chemo treatment, she was still working through it all until her body couldn’t take it any longer. Throughout her treatment of 2 years, the young version of me back  than, wished I had spent more time with her if i had known what i know now. August 12th, 2008 at approximately 11pm. My dad came storming through my bedroom door telling me to hurry and get dress.

“Your mom wants to see you and to say her last words, because she couldn’t deal with the pain any longer” my dad said.

My mom knew, so she insisted on seeing me before her time expired. My first time and only time going to see my mother in the hospital laying in that bed. Just 3 days away from my birthday. Even with how swollen her stomach was, her facial expression when she saw me walked through that door. I will always remember her facial expression and that smile she had given me till this day, it will be embedded into my memory until the day when it’s my time.


When i saw my mom, thats when i realized i screwed up so i started to apologize to her. Telling her i wish i visited you more often when she was in the hospital. Wished i spent more time with her.

She just looked at me and smiled said “its okay i understand so you don’t have to apologize”

“Can you make me a promise?”

I looked at my mom and acknowledging her by nodding my head up and down.

“Make sure you finish school, stay out of trouble and don’t smoke any kanhchhea (marijuana).” Can you promise me that?”

As i nodded my head up and down again to let her know i was listening.

She insisted and also sticking her hand out wanted me to pinky promise with her.

Till this day, those last few spoken words from my mom and that pinky promise i made with her is what made me become the person i am today.

Those words from my mom motivated me to get my high-school diploma, joined the United States Marines Corps, completing my 4 years enlistment with 1 deployment, with an honorable discharged in 2017. Started my associates at Highline College in the spring of 2019 and finishing my bachelor’s by the summer of 2022 at CWU while also working a part time job.


From the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking the time to read this. All the donation will go towards my dad’s future medical expenses, other bills he’ll need to pay while he’s going through his treatment. Knowing my dad he probably would go back to work during his treatment which i am trying to avoid. The first 2 days i went to see him he already mentioned about going back to work by next week. Also asking me to notify his work of his reason of absence. But I just want him to mainly focus just on his treatment and his recovery. Instead of having to worry about any other expenses.

Any donation amount is much appreciated and if you can’t make any donations we understand. But please just click share because i want my dad to know, that he’s not alone in this fight. If i could, i would happily take what ever is growing in his stomach in a heart beat. so he doesn’t have to deal with this much pain. If you haven’t met my dad before, he’s such a generous man and kind with everyone. Always putting other peoples needs first before his.


I made the mistake once wasting the limited precious time i had with my mom. I will not make that mistake again.


Once again if you read all the way to this portion, I’m grateful for your time. It’s the holidays season so spend the time with your loved ones. We are so focused on our daily routine with work and our career; we tend to get carried away from our loved ones.

“When a loved one becomes an memories, those memories becomes your treasure”


Mom, i know you’re watching over us and would be here today if heaven weren’t so far away.

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kimleang Sok

Federal Way, WA, USA