About this fundraiser

Hello everyone, My name is Michelle Bamburg, and my mother Molly Moore has been in a coma for 2 1/2 months on the echo machine. she just woke up last mouth and realized her insurance hasn't covered as much as we thought it would have. I am asking for help for her medical expenses, I was not expecting her to wake up to find out, she lost her job of 15 years almost 16 years at Walmart. She was in the coma because of double walking pneumonia and a fungal infection which caused her to have lung failure. she has a long road ahead of her before she recovers. I hate asking for help but I know we will need as much help as we can get. Because my family is trying their best to do what they can do. We just want to come home and be with her 3 wonderful grandchildren and use, I know two will remember her but I’m not to sure about the youngest one. I will appreciate all the help me and my family can get.  Thank you And god bless everyone.

The funds will only be used to pay off of her hospital bills so I don’t have to sell her car or house, that she worked so hard to get. I would really appreciate it if someone with a kind heart  would help me and my family out. Thank you everyone and have a blessed day.

Organized by

Michelle Bamburg

Magnolia, AR, USA