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My name is Rene 

Please help me pay the bills on my 2 pomeranians. Mookie on the right he got attacked 4 weeks ago by either a Coyote or a raccoon he didn't make it he passed away Lacey is Mookie mama same thing happened to her she attacked a week ago by either a Coyote or a raccoon. She's gonna make it She had to have surgery. She's got a long road ahead of her for recovery between the 2 of  them It cost me almost $10000. I'm low-income.  I can barely Pay my own bills, but they're my family They're my kids And I would do anything for them Lacey misses her son mookie so much and so do I he was my boy I'm devastated by what has happened to both of them 3 weeks apart Mookie was 2 ½ yrs old Lacey is 4 yrs old Anything you could do to help me out I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much

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Rene Rodriguez

San Pablo, CA, USA