About this fundraiser

Hello!! My name is Sarah and I am fundraising for my mom and dad. I'm going to start by asking if you know my parents, they are proud people and don't like asking for help, so please don't reach out to them. My dad has chronic heart failure and has to have bypass surgery to bypass the 5 blockages he has. They go above and beyond to help my family by watching my youngest, and making sure my other 2 kids get to and from school on the days I work so I can work my dream job at 911, and we can support our own family. This is important for me because my parents have always been my biggest supporter and I would like to ease some stress for them during this stressful situation. As of right now, we are waiting for a consultation with duke or to speak with surgeons here to see when/where the surgery will take place. The funds will be used for any housing they might need during the event, food, gas to and from appointments, and to help with any bills during this time due to living on a fixed income. If you feel more inclined to donate directly to me please reach out to me as I also have Cash App and apple pay. Thank you everyone for your time in reading this. Love and good vibes to all! :)

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Sarab Mott

Wilmington, NC, USA