About this fundraiser

Hi, my name is Erin Bogle, I’m raising funds for medical bills and lost income. Right at a year ago I became very sick, went to the doctor and started some testing. By the end of May I could no longer drive and had to stop working. I continue running my plant business but have had to cut back on that a lot, I can’t do vendor events, I do as much as I can online.

I am currently still waiting for a diagnosis, I have been seen by my primary doctor almost every month. I’ve seen Rheumatology, Hematology, Orthopedic Surgeon, Neurologist, Vascular Surgeon…I’ve dealt with additional things on top of whatever else is happening including Covid, Shingles many procedures, X-rays, and a very severe infection which led to surgery, which then led to sepsis and a hospital stay. I did finally see a Pulmonologist this week and I am very hopeful that I will get some help from him! 

Donations will help to pay down the ever growing hospital bills and provide much needed stress relief to our family!! Much love and Thank You!!!

Organized by

Erin Bogle

Buffalo, MO, USA