About this fundraiser

Jamie became diagnosed with a terminal illness in the fall and tends to be declining quicker than we expected…  In order to keep life as normal as possible, we are trying to figure out funding for  a wheelchair ramp, and handicap vehicle….we have to also make some accommodations inside the home like wider doorways a roll in shower or tub with hoyer lift. 

This is something no one really thinks about until  you’re facing it….. and BELIEVE me we have a few  family members of ours that have been/ are facing this situation recently. 

like mentioned before at the pace he’s been progressing  the equipment needed will be too expensive to purchase all at once. We did purchase  most of what we need to get by at the moment but soon enough it will probably not be enough.

 That being said we would be so grateful for any help in donations or suggestions in how to receive the needed medical equipment.


 Thank you💕

Jamie, Amanda & family 




Organized by

James Miles

Chippewa Falls, WI, USA