About this fundraiser

I humbly put all my business out there to ask you to please help me succeed for my children's sake. Through trusting the wrong people and trying to carry the burden for others I've found myself at utter rock bottom. My children and I are shuffling from motel to motel and barely getting by while working towards self sufficiency and affordable emergency housing. We're unable to stay in the shelter due to not having any available family units. I'm more than happy to pay every single donated penny back once we're on our feet!! Lucas and I are both working and once school is out in 2 weeks he will be going to FT. Shae is registered and seeking employment now that she is no longer child care for her niece. I have no transportation so we are relying on a friend who is going to be unavailable after this week. I just need a little help.

Organized by

Cecile Harper

Lexington, KY, USA