About this fundraiser


This surprise fundraiser is for my twin sister, Joaquina, who has been bravely battling health challenges, specifically cancer, over the past few years.  She is indeed a fighter and I truly believe "It takes a village" to help her get through this. Cancer treatment comes with its own set of challenges, and the financial burden of medical bills should not be one of them, which is why I am asking you to consider donating.


Please note that Joaquina is prideful, so I kindly request that you NOT mention this fundraising initiative to her. She would probably kill me if she found out, but at the end of the day, my sister really needs the help and I know she won’t ask for it. 


In honor of our 44th birthday, I kindly request you to consider donating at least $44 to support her cancer treatments/expenses. However, please know that any amount, no matter how small, is truly appreciated.  I will present a check to her with the donations when I come to town to visit her on February 25th.  


Again, this is a surprise, so please do not mention anything to Joaquina at all.  Thank you so much! 



Organized by

Lewis Braithwaite

Largo, MD, USA

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This fundraiser will directly support

Joaquina Braithwaite