About this fundraiser

The reconstruction and rebuild of JJ encompass a dual approach to physical and personal renewal. The rebuild aspect is centered around engaging a premier personal trainer who will be instrumental in developing a bespoke fitness program tailored to JJ's unique needs. In parallel, the reconstruction phase is a surgical journey to correct congenital conditions. It involves a specialized vaginoplasty procedure to reopen and reconstruct the vagina, addressing the closure that occurred at birth. This surgery is a critical component of JJ's path to aligning physical form with personal identity. Additionally, the transformation
includes fat transfer breast augmentation, a technique that repurposes JJ's own body fat to enhance breast contours, offering a more authentic look and feel. This holistic approach to JJ's reconstruction and rebuild is designed to empower a transformation that is as much about internal self-realization as it is about external change.

Through this fundraiser you can donate $25 to $2500 towards the goal of $150,000. 

Organized by

JB Nelson

Charlotte, NC, USA