About this fundraiser

I am a single mom to two children with special needs.My 17 year old daughter Helena has lost the ability to walk. We have rented her a manual wheelchair so she can still go out and do some of the things all teenagers like to do, school,friends etc.. We have applied for an electric wheelchair for her. She can’t push a manual wheelchair on her own and she wants to be able to get around independently. Our medical insurance will cover a portion of the cost but there is still 11000 owing that I need to pay. She turns 18 beggining of September so if we can’t raise the money by end of August she will lose what funding she does have And we won’t be able to get her a chair at all. The childrens biological father won’t help with a dime and I have exhausted all my resources. We also have to leave for Vancouver to get a feeding tube placed in next few weeks.

Organized by

Connie Phillips

Salmon Arm, BC, Canada