About this fundraiser

Before I post this I want you to know I hate doing things like this. I’ve never done this before. I know how people talk and say she’s just looking for a handout and all of that! But this is a medical necessity that the money would be used for. 

So as many of you know now Kaitlynn has pectus excavatum. The chest wall dr at uk said hers is a moderate case! So he said our best option besides the painful surgery would be the pectus vacuum. I spoke with Cincinnati children’s hospital where she will be going and they informed me that it’s not at all covered on any insurances yet. The cost is way up there. She gave me an option to use this fundraiser page to help with some of the expense. I know times are very hard right now! If you can’t help please share! Please pray this will help Kate!! I will be getting a date soon on when we have to go to Cincinnati. I’m waiting on the call back. 

Organized by

Sarah Trent

Campton, KY, USA