About this fundraiser

First of all thanks 🙏 to the Lord Almighty I'm alive another day this fund raiser will benefit me, my two dogs towards spay & neutering them both getting transportation for my doctor appointment and towards helping my daughter who is about to have my first grandchild I'm blessed to have done a “360°” with my life from being homeless to lil by lil getting on my feet I pray this touches people's hearts I'm also trying to get back into school to get me a pastors license as well to show people that the Lord changed me and gave me a purpose in life it want more out of life not just stay lost and end up another statistic of society with Faith and Little effort alot can be accomplished one day at a time I want to give back to the community and help people in need just like me weather by feeding them or just a friendly conversation explaining myself to them not to give up and so when my granddaughter grows up she can know what I did how I decided to break the cycle once and for all but I need help unfortunately im on medicine and need help to pay my medical bills and God willing I can get some type of transportation to move around a van would be nice 👍 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙂 so please take time to hear me out and would very much appreciate a blessing anything helps by all means I'm in the west side of San Antonio Texas…. Home of the Alamo….God bless you all,…


Organized by

Armando Gutierrez

San Antonio, TX, USA