Latest update as of Jan 30, 2023

  • Update on Daniel

    I want to share an update, Daniel is 12 days out from surgery and doing well. Speaking on behalf of Daniel and his dad and I, we were overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from all of you. Daniel was so encouraged and blessed beyond words. If you don't mind sending me your mailing address to my email [email protected], Daniel is going to use this week to do his thank you cards. Again, thank you for giving both financially and with your words. It has relieved Daniel from some of the worries he had and he is able to focus on his recovery. Thank you and God bless!

About this fundraiser

Hi all. On behalf of our son, we are asking for small donations to help Daniel with his hospital deductible and some of his bills as he has not been at his job long enoug  to cover the three weeks of leave for recovery. 

Daniel has had Epilepsy for last 8 years with many seizures over the years with dozens of hospitalizations. Doctors believe he is a good candidate for this brain surgery which he has 70% cure rate. Timing is never perfect. He has a great job and benefits but he doesn't have enough leave time to cover his recovery time so he will  need help to cover his bills. As his parents we can help some but not with all of it. Any small donation will help. 

Organized by

Elizabeth Morales

Tucson, AZ, USA