About this fundraiser

This man traveled to  Syria for his work and get sick  and collapsed and the airport, it was taking him to the hospital he was unconscious for the first 2 weeks , after 2 surge ríes the save his life 4 weeks ego the. Discharged him  so the give the bill the show and the picture, but the not let him go if he not paid the $15000 thousand  the man do not carry that kind of money,  so he bing hold  again his will, and the continued charge every day so now it being  6 weeks  and he is getting sick again , and not letting com home, until he paid , he is a widower , with a 13 years old son,  the he not being see him .he is from Florida . Please I ask for the help to pay his bills because the bill is getting big and he is getting sick ,   feel no human being deserves this. Please help 🙏🙏🙏

Organized by

Angelina Fernández

Dallas, TX, USA