About this fundraiser

Elizabeth was told when she was 36 years old, by doctors in her Montreal, Quebec, Canada hospital that she did not have breast cancer. She did have cancer, and it had spread. This should never have happened to Elizabeth and it could happen to anyone. Late and mis-diagnosis of cancer is a serious, deadly matter. Elizabeth was always a healthy, vibrant and active individual; she liked to run, ice skate, ski and perform acrobatics as part of the Cirque du Soleil youth acrobatics school. She is now 53 years old, in the prime of her life and yet she is riddled with cancer. She needs a miracle, she needs to fix her liver, with embolization treatment through conventional oncologist and to participate in a complementary  treatment centre, LifeWorks Cancer Centre in Clearwater, Florida. We want to inform everyone that these cases are real and they destroy one’s physical and spiritual being. Campaigning for financial help is only one component of this campaign; emotional support, a show of care, offering of free medical, oncologist and or complementary medicine, infrared sauna, vitamin c intravenous, mistletoe, HBOT, and any other relevant treatment. I need to save my sister’s life. I want to restore her energy, her vitality and show her that we have not forsaken her and God has not forsaken her, in the name of Jesus. Amen. Any word, currency or other offering we are eternally grateful for. 

Organized by

Marcia Knox

King, ON, Canada