About this fundraiser

Tommy is at the ending stage of congestive heart failure.  

It’s difficult to write this as a girl to a father figure whose life is characterized by countless moments of kindness, joy, and love. Saying thank you doesn’t feel like enough. Saying goodbye is harder.

We are asking for help to ease the challenges of this new - and final - chapter. Please consider this story and providing any assistance - big or small - to our family in the next steps as we say thank you and goodbye to a father, son, brother, Air Force veteran, role model, entrepreneur, philanthropist, leader, teacher, mentor, coach, friend, and - above all - decent, kind human.

There aren’t enough words to define the profound effects of Tommy’s life on people - near and far - throughout the community and the world. His impact is imprinted on so many of us. His stories and legacy are protected in the hearts and minds of loved ones, trusted friends, and so many others. His lifelong practices of humility, integrity, honor, giving, gratitude, and care for others shine through his acts of kindness, and dedication to sharing joy wherever possible.

We don’t always get to the opportunity to know when we will say that final thank you and goodbye, but, if we’re here and present, we can embrace the time gifted to us, wrapping those moments with a loving embrace that knows mercy, grace, compassion, and love through one of the hardest parts of life, letting go of the ones we love most.

This family needs financial help for Tommy to be comfortable as long as possible. This would include buying groceries, bills, medical supplies and needs.


Organized by

Joanna Conner

Aurora, CO, USA