About this fundraiser

Hi my name is Anjeanette I’m fundraising for my mother  who is fighting Uterine Cancer, kidney failure, CHF, and high blood pressure. My mother have been dealing with these medical hurtles for longer than we’ve known. My mother has been back in forth to  hospitals for months causing her to spend more time hospitalized than at home. Holidays haven’t been the same and neither is home without My mother . Although God has the last say doctors tell us that if a hysterectomy and or kidney transplant isn’t done soon than my mom is expected to survive just a few months. With or without the hysterectomy she’ll still have to receive chemotherapy and radiation. Due to the severity of the cancer Doctors have given up on the kidney transplant and are focusing more on they hysterectomy. The radiation will alternatively cause more damage to the cancer and threaten her life more. Unfortunately this news came unexpectedly and we’re hoping to raise funds to help us burial cost while she still with us .

Organized by

Anjennette Caldwell

Lakeland, FL, USA