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Hello my name is Shawna Rocha  I'm 48.years old I'm in need of medical supplies for open wounds on both legs I have peripheral  artery desease I need to.chang  my   wraps everyday in order to kee  infection and wounds dry to heal but my insurance will only pay for 2 days per week dressings changing everyday is only way it will heel otherwise infection and amputation on top of this I'm bone on bone hip knees osteoporosis I'm in so much pain with both I can't tell witch hurts most my husband does my dressings 6 days per week woundcare one he helps me shower now helps in restroom he can only work part time due to taking care of me and 3 grandchildren we git before I took this sick I can't get in and out my house need ramps and walk in shower bigger place for my wheel chair we can barely meet our bills let along have money to move or supplies the money.will gp to.my.supplies and move to a bigger place that is handicapp accessible believe me prayers are needed to and we would be so greatful and appreciate anything you can do and I will keep updating everyone letting you know what  is going on

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Shawna Rocha

Dry Ridge, KY, USA